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Dermalogica launches NEW Biosurface Face Peel

Were really excited here at the salon about dermalogica’s new launch so much so all our dermalogica trained beauticians visited dermalogica yesterday for the advanced training for the new Biosurface Face Peel.

So I hear you ask “what is a Biosurface peel?”

Dermalogica’s Biosurface peel is an advanced treatment designed to work on both the epidermis and the dermal-epidermal interface. It is a new form of skin peeling but not as aggressive as a chemical peel so there is no downtime meaning you can get right back to business and even have the treatment in your lunch hour!It is an intense treatment that requires pre peel and post peel instructions so the treatment can not be performed without prior consultation and a patch test. The treatment delivers visable results and is recommended as a course of 3-6 sessions at regular intervals.

What results can you expect from a Biosurface Peel?

      • Dramatically reduces skin roughness
      • Minimises fine lines
      • Reduce acne breakouts
      • Fade epidermal pigmentation
      • Stimulate cell turnover and collagen production
      • Brighten the skin
      • Reduce signs of ageing

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