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After sun skincare products belong to the understated categories in the market. People often believe that these products are to be used only if they suffer a sunburn. However, in reality after sun lotions are not helpful in cases where the skin assumes an extreme swollen, reddish, or blistered state from sunburns. Some after sun lotions are formulated to soothe the skin, while others are made especially for sensitive skin (mostly meant for children). There are also after sun skincare lotions made for the purpose of prolonging a tan, or ones that are are combined with insect-repellent additives (suitable for travelling).

Why do I need after sun lotions when I already use a sunscreen?

Sunscreens (even those with high SPFs) do not completely protect the skin from UVB and UVA rays. While SPF 15 screens UV rays by around 90 percent, SPF 25 and higher screen, such as Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50, screens nearly 98 percent of the suns rays. Even the small amount of UV radiations that get past your sun protection barrier can cause damage in the long run. This can surface in the form of dry skin, patched skin, wrinkles or premature skin-ageing.

UVA radiations penetrate deeper than UVB radiations and are one of the leading causes of premature signs of ageing. UVB radiations, on the other hand, have a key role to play in the occurrence of sunburns and melanoma. The addition of an after sun skincare lotion can help in making your sun protection regime more well-rounded and preventing skin damage that would have been caused otherwise.

What do after sun skin lotions do?

An after sun skincare lotion can complement your other sun protection products by filling in for their inadequacies and limiting sun damage that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. It is known that prolonged exposure to UV radiations can cause damage to the DNA, leading to mutations and a possible growth of cancer cells.

The immediate effects often surface in the form of superficial damage on the epidermal layer. An after sun lotion can shield the skin from free radicals produced due to UV radiation exposure. It also moisturises the skin, and is ideal to use after a day out in the hot sun when your skin may have suffered dehydration. This accelerates the epidermal layer’s cell regeneration, that may have taken a sluggish pace from the loss of moisture. The after sun lotion also nourishes the skin to counteract the damage done by UV radiation.

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