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What happens to your hair when you style  using heat?

Styling with the use of hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs and wands are the tools we all reach for to get that finished look to our hair and create perfect sleek styles for all occasions. With these handy hair gadgets reaching temperatures up to 210 degrees celsius are we compromising our hair to create the perfect look?

Using heat to style your hair can cause the following:-

  • It can cause breakage and damage
  • Develop Split Ends
  • Flash drying can leave the cuticles dry and brittle
  • Ironing dry hair causes the edge of the cuticles to crack
  • Ironing wet hair causes little steam explosions

So what can we do to reduce the damage of heat styling?

There are several ways to reduce the effect heat styling can have on your hair. Here are  a few do’s and don’ts!

  • Do use tools with lower heat settings
  • Do make sure your hair is completely dry before ironing
  • Don’t rub your hair with a towel when drying
  • Do use heat protection sprays or serums
  • Don’t keep running your tool repeatedly over the same section of hair

So the first tip is to blot your hair with the towel and not aggressively rub it dry as this can cause damage to the hair cuticles. If you are not able to let your hair dry naturally then try using the lower setting on your hair dryer. Try not to flash dry your hair, you may think it will get drier quicker but at the cost of damaging the cuticle which can cause brittleness. Applying a heat protection product to your hair before blow drying is also advisable. Here at the salon we use ghd heat protection products and styling tools. Ghd straight and smooth spray is perfect before blow drying or if you have thicker more rebellious hair then you may want to try ghd’s straight and tame cream. Both perfect to protect your hair during blow drying.

If you are going to be using styling irons to create that finished look then you must make sure your hair is completely dry first. If your hair is still wet or damp then using an iron on your hair can cause little steam explosions which under magnification look like tiny hair blisters. A lot of styling tools operate in excess of 200 degrees but you can find styling irons which can achieve the same look on a lower heat. Ghd have several different stylers for all different budgets but they all operate at 185 degrees celcius. Not only does ghd’s platinum styler operate at 185 degrees it also uses tri-zone® technology ensuring the optimum temperature is maintained across the plates avoiding any hotspots. If you are using irons to straighten or curl your hair then a heat protect spray is definitely recommended.

How does a heat protectant work?

Using a heat protectant seals the hair cuticle which helps to reduce moisture loss whilst styling. They create thin films on the surface of the hair which slows down the conduction of heat and distributes the heat more evenly. Whilst heat protectants can reduce the damage to your hair they can’t completely protect your hair so it is important to couple using a protectant with the right tool.

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