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With ghd launching four new curlers, how do you know which ghd Curve is for you?

Ghd have recognised we don’t all just want straight hair and with curls becoming hot on the catwalk and the latest hair trend they have created a brand new range called ghd Curve. They’re so stunning you may have trouble deciding which one to pick but that’s not the only reason. With four new tongs and wands in the collection for use on all hair types, how are you going to choose?

Here’s a quick guide to what you may expect from each one

Soft Curl Tong – Creates Big, Bouncy curls with more volume but looser. Creating more of a red carpet curl worn by celebrities such as Cheryl and Kim Kardashian.
Classic Curl Tong – This tong creates a more classic curl. As the tong is smaller this creates a much tighter curl.
Creative Curl Wand – Ghd call these curls, fancy, flirty, festival curls. This wand creates a more natural look with a deeper wave. Much more suited to a more casual look.
Classic Wave Wand – This wand is more suited to longer hair because of the depth of the waves it produces. The barrel is an oval shape and creates a looser wave rather than a curl.



As if the look wasn’t impressive enough all sets come complete with a FREE limited edition rose gold roll bag. But that’s not all…..here at the Salon.net we’re also offering a FREE ghd Curl Spray with every purchase of ghd Curve helping you to really craft your curls!

ghd boast these ‘curls will last as long as you do’. So what’s the secret?

Each wave and tong has ghd’s tri-zone technology which means heat is delivered to the barrel constantly and evenly along the whole barrel. The temperature is maintained at 185 degrees Celsius meaning curls are formed fast. With each curl being formed in 5-8 seconds your hair is subjected to the heat for less time protecting the health of your hair.

Our Stylist Jennie put this to the test and says:    “I used the soft curl tong on my hair at the weekend for a night out and despite getting caught in the rain my curls were still as fabulous as they were at the start of the night. They really do last .”
Still not sure contact us here at the salon or come in for a trial with one of our ghd specialists. Just call Blackheath 0121 559 3003 or Kingsheath 0121 441 3900 to arrange

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