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First steps for perfect nails

There’s a lot to consider before you set to work with that nail file! Paige, our Dermalogica skincare expert and nail technician shows you how to get started.

Square or rounded?

Firstly file your nails into your preferred shape, you may choose a square or rounded finish. Depending on the amount you are filing down you may need a higher or lower grit nail file. The rougher the file feels, the higher the grit.

You would use the higher grit version if you were filing your nails down quite a bit. A smoother feeling file has a lower grit and you would use this to finish the nails or just smooth out any rough edges.

Remember to file underneath the nail as it can cling under the tip. This will remove any loose debris.

And when you’ve finished filing…

Once you have shaped the nails apply a cuticle cream or oil to the cuticles (back of the nail bed). Then soak your hands in warm water for five minutes to clean under your nails and soften the cuticle.

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