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Step by Step guide to a Paraffin Wax Treatment

Whilst recognised as an effective treatment to several medical conditions, Paraffin wax treatments are now scarcely available on the NHS. You needn’t suffer though as it is a simple treatment you can apply yourself at home.

Here’s how you go about it…

Step 1.

Once you have melted the wax in your heater test a small amount of the wax on the inside of the wrist to ensure it is at a safe and comfortable temperature to use. If not adjust the temperature accordingly.


Step 2.

Once the wax is at a comfortable temperature for you to use start by either brushing the wax onto your hand or foot or alternatively you can also submerge your hand or foot into the wax directly. If you choose to submerge your hands or feet into the wax you will need to repeat this a total of three times. If you are brushing the wax on you will need to create three layers. (Following this step you should have built up 3 layers of wax on either your hand or foot).

Step 3.

Insert your hand or foot into a plastic liner or disposable glove and then into the mitt or foot glove. This allows the heat to be retained aiding the treatment.

Step 4.

. Leave the treatment on for approximately 15 – 20 minutes and then remove your mitt and plastic liner.

Step 5.

Peel the wax from your hand or foot and discard.

Step 6.

If required apply chosen moisturiser to the treated area.

Need help with a paraffin wax treatment?

These instructions are a basic guideline to a paraffin wax treatment and we do recommend that if you are not confident with it, you are welcome to contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you….
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